Boker 2015 Annual Damascus Collectors Knife


Damascus steel - unrivaled in its appearance, complex and demanding in manufacturing, and handmade for centuries from numerous Damascus forgers from all corners of the world. For our annual Damascus collector's knife 2015, we use the unique handforged stainless Damascus from Chad Nichols, which is not only used as the blade material, but also for the Damascus bolsters. The very special "Boomerang" pattern, with its soft and harmonic waves, complements the design from Austrian custom knifemaker Armin Stütz. The dark Grenadill wood scales create an attractive contrast, providing a most exceptional collector's piece. The stainless material makes the annual Damascus knife not only a very sought after collector's piece, but also a rugged and proven everyday carry knife. The blade is locked open by a steel liner, which has drilled holes under the scales for weight reduction. The open spine construction adds to the design, technically and visually, making the 2015 Annual Damascus Collector's Knife not only a slim and straight lined design, but also a nice tool for everyday use. Delivered with a certificate of authenticity, in a special frame display, which holds the knife open in a floating position. Limited to just 999 pieces worldwide.

Overall length: 19,5 cm
Blade length: 8,6 cm
Weight: 160 g
Blade thickness: 3,3 mm
Blade material: Damast
Handle material: Grenadill
Lock: Liner Lock

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