Boker Arbolito El Gigante


The El Gigante features size in all regards, not only with respect to its impressive dimensions.  The solid, stonewashed  Böhler N695 steel blade runs completely through the handle and tapers toward the pommel.  This tapered tang gives the knife a visual appeal and provides outstanding balance.  The protruding hand guard is made of brushed stainless steel, guaranteeing superior handling reliability and contributing to the refined appearance.  The Guayacan ebony wood scales are equipped with red fiber liners, providing an appealing contrast to the wood grain.  The rough structure is reminiscent of the horns of an Oryx antelope.  All in all, the ideal knife for outdoor and survival enthusiasts.  Includes a premium leather sheath. 

Overall length: 14 3/4"
Blade length: 8 3/8"
Weight: 15.9 oz.

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