Bullet Knife Dark Suppressor Ammo Knuckle Cartridge

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This baby is named suppressor for a reason and not just because it is intimidating. The large finger holes allows for a firm grip to suppress a situation if need be just like a suppressor on a gun. The construction of this piece is durable zinc aluminum with a rifle cartridge design. At the top of each of the finger holes you will notice a bullet as well as the palm brace and the knuckle attachments. But the Bullet Knife Dark Suppressor Ammo Knuckle Cartridge is so much more than just a knuckle. Included is a pin to use it as a novelty belt buckle and as if that wasn’t enough in the cartridge is a knife. This knuckle is so versatile it will blow your mind.

  • Finger Holes: 26.4 mm x 23.7 mm
  • Overall Length: 4.30 Inches
  • Overall Width: 2.50 Inches
  • Blade Length: 1.68 Inch
  • Knuckle Material: Zinc Aluminum
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