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The Knuckle Knife is an iconic combat weapon in Military history. First devised in World War 1 the trench knife was used in close quarters combat to raid trenches and advance on enemy territory. During the WW2 trench warfare became more and more prevalent thus the first trench fight knife was mass produced the M1917

All of our Knives are the best on the market. Even though you probably aren't going to be engaged in trench warfare anytime soon doesn't mean you can't get your hands on some of these. Some fold some are fixed blade. Part brass knuckle and part knife - the trench knife is a worthy piece of equipment to add to your personal protection arsenal!


Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Brass Knuckle Knife

  1. Knuckle Knives are versatile. Part Brass Knuckles part Knife!
  2. The history of knuckle knives is very well known. Get your hands on this piece of nostalgia!
  3. All our knives are well made and ship the same day.
  4. Excellent piece of equipment for campers, hunters, preppers.
  5. Lightweight, compact and fits in your pocket! Take it anywhere. 



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