Deadly Venom Brass Knuckles

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USA Knuckles - Limited Edition Knuckles

Finally they have arrived. The best BRASS KNUCKLES in the world. 

Precision engineered from 100% Brass these Knuckles are the real deal. When you put these in your hands you will see. Heavy, sturdy, and powerful!

Introducing the Deadly Venom Knuckles. The flagship. These have a highly detailed iconic Spider web design and are highly polished in a gold plated brass. Simply put you will turn heads wherever you go with these. 

You won't find any better knuckles in the world. If you do. I will give you your money back. These aren't your run of the mill cheap models that you'll get for 10 bucks. These are the Ferrari of knuckles. The best. 

Get yours today. Supplies are very limited! 

Why our Knuckles are the best in the world

  • Each Knuckle is polished and given hours of individual detail
  • Solid and Sturdy each knuckle weighs nearly a pound
  • We ship same day as order is placed. 
  • Highly detailed and designed. Nothing else like it.
  • Each knuckle comes professionally boxed
  • Knuckles are sold as a single set. 


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