Gurkha Kukri Executioner Machete (Black)

  • Product Features

    • 18 inch blade.
    • Brass bolsters on brown handles/sheaths. Carbon steel on black handles/sheaths.
    • 100% real leather sheath included.
    • Includes karda and chakmak.
    • Handmade carbon steel.

    Product Description

    The Gurkha Service and Executioner represent a culture and tradition as unique as the shape of this popular type of machete. These kukris are one of a kind with quality leather handles- complete with brass bolsters, keepers and butt caps. These machetes come in a variety of different blade lengths and sizes and also come equipped with their own (real) leather sheaths fitted with golden brass chapes. A karda and chakmak are also included and can be stored inside of the sheath for safekeeping.

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