Draconic Protection Brass Knuckles (Copper)

  • Power Guardian Dragon Knuckle 
  • Antique Copper Finish
  • Palm Grip in the shape of a Dragon 
  • Dragons tail and fire create the large finger holes
  • 1/4" thick , 4-3/4" x 2-3/4"

Dragons are often called on as guardian spirits. They make for exceptional allies who can be called on in times of need, for protection or guidance. Sometimes when we are walking to our car late at night we need the protection of a dragon.  The Self Defense Draconic Protection Knucks offers you badass dragon protection in the palm of your hands.  Let someone dare try to sneak up on you when you have this puppy or should I say dragon on. This set of brass knuckles are constructed of durable zinc aluminum that packs some power. The palm grip is a fire breathing dragon with flames shooting out of its mouth.  You can see the tail of the dragon creates two finger holes as the fire he breathes cleverly creates the center holes.  On the sides a row of dorsal spines stick out for another way to defend yourself.  Never take your safety for granted again.




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